Video Marketing for the Win

Video Marketing is a big catch phrase these days, but it is for good reason. A short, visually appealing video can give customers a quick overview of your product or service and help you connect with an online customer that is searching for you. And with audience’s reporting shorter attention spans, a video marketing strategy is a great way to reach a customer you might otherwise miss.

From Live Streaming to curated channels on YouTube, video has quickly become the leader in online activity.

Here is an animated video we put together to share the importance of including video in your marketing strategy.

The 3 Wins of Effective Video Marketing 

Increase Brand Awareness

Video Marketing offers a great opportunity to share the story of your brand. By showcasing the vision and highlighting the mission of your organization, you connect with a value and solution based conversation. 

Support Lead Generation

The beauty of the internet is that it is searchable. There are people searching for what you have to offer 24 hours a day, maybe at this very moment. A video is a great way to not only share your products and services, but to educate on the solutions they offer. 

Encourage Online Engagement

We know people watch videos. They comment on them and they share them. And while that is helpful for your rankings, it is also a great source of feedback for your company. The more your customer engages with you, the more knowledge you have about their needs. Fulfilling a need is at the heart of every business. 

At MADLAWMEDIA, we create story based videos that get to the heart of why you do what you do and directs the message to the person looking for your solution.

Let us tell your story!