Storytelling Starts Here

Storytelling is one of our favorite parts of film making. Getting to know our clients and listening to their stories fuels our passion and provides endless inspiration.

From fairy tales to documentaries stories have two basic components - conflicts and resolutions. Often people are not even aware of their conflict. They just know they had an idea and started a business. But we know there is a great story just waiting to be told.

When we first engage with a project there are three things we listen for…


Simon Sinek says “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” Helping you know your why are articulate it is a fundamental component to sharing your story. Clarity of purpose often comes from having experienced some sort of challenge. Your business is part of the journey toward resolution.

Do you know your why? It comes across when you talk about your purpose or your cause. When we ask, “why are you in business?” We are looking for more than the money. Income should be the result of your work. We want to know the unique contribution and impact your business makes. That’s the story we want to tell and that’s the story that will connect.


Your brand is more than logos, colors and fancy tag lines. It is more than your services and your products. Your brand, when shared as a story, is what connects you with your ideal customer. It’s a way of communicating your culture and belief with a clear purpose.

A lot of work goes into the pieces that represent your business to the world. We love hearing the process that got you there. What words resonate with you when you talk about your business? They will be the foundation of your story.


You do not need a fully developed mission statement to have a successful business, but having one will help you attract your ideal audience. Being clear and concise on the value you offer your client base helps you in countless ways and helps us make sure the story we share is the one that connects with those in need of your service.

These three weave together to create a story that is unique to you. Our process walks you through each component and we are here every step of the way to make sure your investment in video marketing provides the results you need.

We used these storytelling techniques to share Fleet Feets' contributions to a healthier Savannah in Run This Town and win the Soul Proprietors Competition last year.

Check out the film:

What story would you like to tell?