Telling Your Brand Story

Creating a video that tells the story of your brand can be the foundation of your marketing plan.

A few minutes of video introduces you to a potential client. A client that is already on the internet searching for you can make all the difference in connecting or not. In an email or not. In a phone call or not.

Here at MADLAWMEDIA all brand stories get started with a conversation. Our process involves in depth pre-production that helps us create the blueprint for your brand story. It creates the plan for capturing the right images and audio the first time and lays the ground work for the editing team to put together the pieces in a way that reflects you and your brand.

Looking for a little inspiration? Here are a couple of brand videos that highlight our process and commitment to telling your story.


At MADLAWMEDIA, we create story based videos that get to the heart of why you do what you do and directs the message to the person looking for your solution.

Let us tell your story!

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