The team

Elizabeth Kaiser

Owner/Director of Post-Production

A big believer that truth really is stranger than fiction, Elizabeth is a connoisseur of taking many tiny pieces and weaving them into a concise whole. At a pivotal point in her early years, Liz decided telling true stories about extraordinary people was her chosen career, and never looked back.

Elizabeth is an award-winning video editor, motion graphics designer, and producer currently based in coastal Georgia, but was born, raised, and will forever be a Northern Michigander at heart.

Elizabeth made her directing debut in 2018 with the multi-award nominated The Big Five Dive, a short documentary championing women in SCUBA diving.

Elizabeth is a member of Savannah Women in Film and Television (SWIFT) and DOC Savannah.




Born in Nashville, raised in the sleepy foothills of the Appalachian mountains, Kyle fell in love with the art and science of cinematography in college. After quitting a thankless job with no money in his savings account to pursue his new found passion, his journey began. Years later after many adventures around the world, Kyle enjoys bringing the unexpected beauty of the world and its people through his unique perspective to audiences far and wide. Kyle's passion for documentary style filmmaking has allowed him to engage with some of the most interesting people and places around. Kyle's goal is to tell stories that matter and to create positive change through storytelling.

Tami Lynn Ross


Tami has produced films from Hawaii to Dubai and the power of story never fails to inspire her. She is driven by a deep curiosity to understand who we are and the desire to explore all the ways in which we view the world.

Lately storytelling has become such a buzz word, that her anthropologist side is enthusiastic about finding stories that have real impact. As a producer, she prepares and protects the story so that every aspect of what is shared is done with intention and purpose.

Tami has witnessed stories build relationships, move people to action, teach complex concepts and remind us of our humanity. Her desire to build connections starts and ends with story.