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Where does the process begin?

Whether you call us up, e-mail us, or run into us at an event or on the street; all stories start with a conversation. While we embrace the latest in digital technologies and equipment, we are old fashioned in the sense that we prefer the face to face, smiles and handshakes business mentality. We want to get to know you, your company, and your product or service so we can best convey the desired message to your target audience.

Four Steps For Success

Step 1:


The project blueprint


Step 2:


Capturing images and sounds


step 3:


All the pieces become one

Step 4:


Sharing with your audience


Pre-Production: the project blueprint

Pre-Production done right is perhaps the most crucial part of the process to ensure the rest of the production goes smoothly and that all goals are achieved or exceeded. Pre-production is where we map out the entirety of the piece. Scriptwriting or storyboarding helps nail down the story or concept. From there, how many people do we need for the cast and crew? How many locations, sets, and props? Do we need voiceover? What kind of equipment is necessary to accomplish the visual goals of the piece? It might seem a bit overwhelming but time spent well in pre-production saves bundles down the road.  

production: Capturing the images and sounds

Production is often the most exciting part of the process both for the client and the crew. This step is where all the creative ideas and planning is realized. This step is where your visuals are captured, your audio is recorded, and where the movie magic really happens. Production has landed us in various environments, from two days on a fishing boat in the Great Lakes, to a drag queen show, to 200 feet into the Earth. We love meeting new people and sharing their stories and experiences with their chosen audience.

post-production: All the pieces become one

Post-production is the behind the scenes step where our editors take all your specifications for the project and narrow it down into one concise, impactful piece that can be enjoyed by your audience. This is when music choices are finalized, video is edited, and edited, and re-edited, and where your dream project becomes a reality.

Delivery: Sharing with your audience

From beginning to end, we are focused on who will be watching your piece and how they will be watching it. We can make the best piece in the world but if no one sees the film it will all be for nothing. An informed distribution strategy is imperative for success. Big screens and small screens have different marketing strategies and we will ensure your film is optimized for whatever marketing platform you will be using.