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Roaming Havana Cuba

From Old Havana to the suburban districts, roaming Havana Cuba gave us everything we expected a travel adventure to be.

"Y Hacia Todas Partes Voy" (And To All Places Go) brings you on our journey through Cuba's oldest city and surrounding areas from January 11-18, 2017.

The film was shot during 7 days in La Habana.

Canon 5D Mark iii
iPhone SE

Edited on Adobe Premiere CC

Produced by: MADLAWMEDIA
Filmed by: Kyle Maddux-Lawrence
Additional Camera by: Tobias Beidermühle

Edited by: Elizabeth Kaiser

Music by: Manolo Castro and His Habana Yacht Club Orchestra, courtesy of Archive.org

Fellow Travelers: Kate Fitzpatrick, Katie Stine and Andy Suess

To see more images from our Cuba Adventure visit our Facebook Album: Cuba: Kaiserfiesta2017.