Fish, Urban Kayaking and A Few Things About Cancer

The story flow for "Big Brownie: A Documentary"

Here is the update I just posted to the Big Brownie page:

Update: 14 August 2014

We are back home in Savannah after shooting for six weeks up in Michigan. We met a host of wonderful, generous, helpful people while we were there and shot a total of 18 interviews and countless hours of b-roll and time lapse video around the area. We have an excellent plan for the story (which evolved and morphed into something more fantastic than we could have even hoped for!) but there is a ton of work to be done before this film will be available for your viewing pleasure. Sit tight and we will let you know as the process progresses!

Production was a big success and we are now on to the most tedious part (and the part that I LOVE): POST-PRODUCTION! We have begun the process of transcribing all the interviews and have been tossing around ideas for supporting graphics to illustrate the complicated ecosystem that is Lake Huron. Makes me all tingly just thinking about it!

Our neighbor Andy braving the 40th Street River

In other news, we were featured on the local news for our video we shot during flash flooding last weekend. You can see the actual story here: WTOC Urban Kayaking Story It was just one year ago that we were featured on Good Morning America for our "Singing in the Rain" parody that also highlighted the flash flooding that happens in this part of Savannah on a regular basis. In good news however, the city is working on fixing the drainage system, hence the large drainage pipes seen behind Andy.

Check out the video that we shot as well: Urban Kayaking | Baldwin Park

Kyle and Liz being interviewed by Conny Cooper of WTOC 11 News. (Picture courtesy of Katie Stine)

We have been working on a side project with the talented Mr. James Kicklighter called "A Few Things About Cancer". James released a trailer yesterday as just a taste of what is yet to come. Click on the image below to watch it:

"A Few Things About Cancer: Trailer"

An intimate look at a newlywed couple’s quarter-life crisis through cancer.

We are working on finishing up "The Imbecile", the short that Kyle has been spearheading, as well as the last of the watercolor instructional videos as well as another piece that we shot while in Alpena about an international ROV competition. We have several new projects on the horizon as well that we will tell you about when the time is right. Patience Grasshopper.