Best of Craigslist Series

Kyle taking a "selfy" with the haunted coffee grinder.

Hello all!  

We are testing the waters with a new video series bases on actual Best of Craigslist postings.  We released our first one today entitled "Haunted 1960's Coffee Grinder".  

We had a blast making it.  It's not often that Kyle and I shoot anything with just the two of us, so it was so nice to spend the day together coming up with ridiculous things a haunted coffee grinder might do when left to it's own devices.  I think it is important for our business, as well as our marriage to make work not seem like work!

Head on over to the Passion Projects page and give it a watch.  We hope that you enjoy it!

In other news, we just signed on to two more interesting and worthwhile projects that we are super excited about! One is a biography for a well traveled almost 90 year old man, the other project is an ad for kale!  Our big art instructional video series shoot is almost upon us, as well as our shoot for Visions Incorporated!  So many fun projects coming our way!