An Ode to Tallulah

Tallulah Falls, Georgia

As it is every month, we have been super busy around here with new projects and new friends and new clients. We were up in Tallulah Falls, Georgia this last weekend and finally collected up enough footage to cut together a little love song for this beautiful area. Along with footage courtesy of Will Carney, we put together a collection of our favorite activities (which highlights some of our favorite people as well!) 

You can watch the video right here:

In other news, we also recently finished up a promo for the Savannah Slow Ride.  It will be featured on the new website which will be launched in the coming weeks (which we designed as well!). You can see a sneak peek right here:

We apologize for the delay in blog updates but we are working on it and will hopefully have more videos and updates for you very soon!