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Codebase | Social media ad campaign

Codebase | Jess Telmanik Testimonial

Codebase | "Join Savannah's Tech Community"

Codebase | "Learn from the Best"

Codebase | "Become Part of Something Great"


Recruiting for something bigger

Codebase has joined the emerging tech scene in Savannah, Georgia as a go-to for all walks of life; people looking for a career change, innovators looking for a new skill set, as well as students interested in working in technology without the college loans.

We were instantly captivated by the idea of teaching someone a language that could essentially change their life, and doing so in a nine week course, which is exactly what Codebase is doing.

By using social media, a platform that would-be technology developers are sure to be actively using, Codebase asked us to produce this series of videos to use across several platforms for recruitment for their upcoming cohorts.