Title Sequences, Title Animation and Animation

Filmmakers use many tools to help tell stories.

At MadLawMedia we employ animation for use in a multiple of title needs and what we call explainer videos.

Title Sequence

A well made title sequence can be used to share a backstory, provide insight into what happens next, or give an overview to help wrap up a story.

Films and TV use title sequences and various types of animation to help create the world you are about to enter. For example the opening credits for Game of Thrones provides the map of all the lands the characters will soon fight for. 

Title Animation

Beyond providing names of interview subjects and locations, title animation can create a 3D version of your logo, create a fun connection to your brand and help give your piece a polished and cohesive look.

When we worked on the feature length documentary Through the Windmill, we used the films theme of mini golf to provide the inspiration for the animation we created.


Some of our first introductions to film and television are animation. Using animation to create characters, shapes and colors can give us more freedom to tell a story in a different and innovative way.

Animation is also a great way to teach and share information in a fun and cost effective way. For example in one of our last posts we showcased a piece we did using animation and voice over to share the importance using video in your marketing plan.

We Can Help

Whether you're looking for a full animation package or pieces to help bring together the theme of your piece we have the skills to help.  Please contact us to discuss any of your animation needs.


At MADLAWMEDIA, we create story based videos that get to the heart of why you do what you do and directs the message to the person looking for your solution.

Let us tell your story!

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Video Marketing for the Win

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